Recycled Running Vests


From fun runs to marathons, our recycled charity running vests are the perfect way to spread your brand message along with your commitment to sustainability.


Each vest is made from 100% post-consumer recycled bottles (Eron), helping reduce the amount of single-use plastic sent to landfill while saving excessive use of water and energy – a fantastic way to lower your organisation’s carbon footprint.


You can customise every aspect of these performance running vests, from the fabric design to the trims. Enjoy seeing your branding with unparalleled clarity and boldness, thanks to our high-spec dye sublimation printing process. This allows printing of unlimited colours and designs, including full colour photographs – no idea is too big!


With your design in place, you can accurately represent your brand identity with our computerised Pantone colour matching system. You can also benefit from additional options such as high-visibility fluorescent vest colours and even glow in the dark dyes, which are ideal for nighttime events.


You can choose your  charity running vests in gender-specific fits (including unisex and ladies), all ranging in size from XS to XXL – catering for everyone on your team. To get a head start on your custom running vests, reach out to our friendly team today!


Unlimited Design

By using our advanced dye-sublimation process, your logos, photos and slogans are brought to life with vivid clarity and brilliant colour. Because the fibres of the fabric are dyed, your design is permanent and never peels or fades.

Total Comfort

Our custom printed running vests are cool and comfortable to wear due to the fast-drying moisture-wicking fabric. Plus, using sublimation dying achieves a truly smooth finish and eliminates chaffing. We can also offer vests with added side panels for extra comfort.

Super Sustainability

Our vests are crafted from 100% recycled Polyspandex, with five plastic bottles saved from landfill for every vest made. Additionally, the vests are shipped in 100% compostable packaging made from cornstarch to ensure minimal environmental impact.

Accurate Colour Matching

Your branding matters, especially when so many people are watching! That’s why we go the extra mile to accurately replicate your branding with our computerised Pantone colour matching system. Your brand colours are identified and then perfectly replicated through our unique printing system.

Any Shape, Any Size

Whatever the shape or size of your runners, we have a comfortable custom made running vests for them. We offer gender-specific fits, in sizes ranging from XS right up to XXL.