The Charity Clothing Company can’t wait to tell you all about our team and the exciting new times ahead for us all.

TCCC has been a prominent name in the charity sector for some time, providing some of the biggest UK charities with event wear and clothing for quite a few years. TCCC entered an exciting new phase last year when Rocket Charities bought the company. The Charity Clothing Co is now owned and run by the same team that took Rocket Charities to exceptional heights. With over 30 years of experience in supplying charities with fundraising merchandise, Rocket is the perfect company to take TCCC to the next level.

Our team are passionate about fitness and nothing makes us feel better than getting involved in charity events. Between us, we’ve done triathlons, 10k’s, ½ marathons, bike rides, climbs and even a Tough Mudder and so we know from experience what you will need and how we can help.

We don’t just supply charities, if you’re a running club or a cycling team, we can help! Got a corporate event you’re sponsoring? We can help! Want to have some shirts made up so you can train in style? We can help!

Our outstanding customer service and fantastic products mean there really is no other supplier like us in the UK market. We offer a huge range of products, most of which are fully customisable so you can really stand out from the crowd.

We have the best in-house design team in the business so you don’t need to worry about your clothing designs. All we need is your logo and they can do the rest! Our service takes the stress out of the whole order process so you can concentrate on training and rallying the teams.

TCCC and Rocket can provide your whole event merchandise package from the garments all the way through to the finisher medals and water bottles. Together, there is nothing we can’t do!

Take a look at the fantastic range of fundraising merchandise on offer at




Leading the charge is Veena Dookoo, director of TCCC and Rocket Charities. Veena’s been in the business for 30 years and really knows her stuff. Regular Pilates classes keep her fit and she is also our resident Nutrition Expert.


Jenny Feist has been part of Rocket for as long as the company has been going. It just isn’t Rocket or TCCC without her. She’s a fantastic Sales Account Manager and her clients love her so much that many of them have been coming back to her for years. Jenny enjoys a good walk and has even walked the entire length of the Thames!


Jensen Chung is a vital part of our team. He supports the account managers who simply couldn’t do their jobs without him. He’s our social media guru and our go-to IT expert. He does MMA, weight training, free running, triathlons and so much more. Jensen never stops. He also never stops eating!


Claire Savage is our amazing production manager. Claire makes all our lives easy and yours even easier. She manages everything from the moment an order is placed through to delivery. Claire loves to practise ballet and dance.

Danny Smith

Lead designer Danny Smith’s practical know-how, attention to detail and creativity makes him the best in the business. Although he claims to have no interest in fitness anyone who saw him doing the caterpillar at our Christmas party can vouch for his excellent core strength so we think running around after his three daughters must be the secret!